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An amazing psychological crime thriller. Dark Inheritance takes you to places you never expected to visit. It’s one of those rare books that will remain with me for many years.

Jan Creba

Dark Inheritance is one of the most intriguing books we have read in years—and we both read lots of books. It’s an incredible combination of present-day psychological crime, history and mysticism. Well done! We both look forward to your next book.

Sue and Bill McKenna

Difficult to put this one down. Many unexpected twists and turns, culminating in a thrilling finish.

Davina Chapman

Dark Inheritance does not let you down for a moment!

Denise Pritchard

Dark Inheritance gripped me from beginning to end. Such a wonderfully eclectic lineup of characters woven into a thrilling plot.

Gord Cuthbertson

Congratulations P.B.Lawson. You’ve done an incredible job of melding modern-day crime with ancient history.

Margaret Schuch

I have always believed that there must be an element of truth to most of the old myths and legends and have often wondered what their origin might have been. Dark Inheritance gives a very plausible explanation as to how one of the most enduring legends might have begun.

Paul Tremaine

Deliciously complex in structure. This book is crafted like a beautiful tapestry—threads woven in, seemingly at random, each one necessary to the whole.

Richard Poxon

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