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About the author

P.B.Lawson was born and raised in Sydney, Australia but now lives in Toronto, Canada where his two children reside.

He has always been fascinated by the apparent paradox of ‘man the animal’ and ‘man the higher being’ and has woven this issue into the plot of ‘Dark Inheritance’. During research for the book P.B.Lawson had extensive conversations with two convicted murderers, affording him, he believes, an insight into a killer’s mind.

An avid sailor, P.B.Lawson has navigated small boats across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and through the Mediterranean Sea, experiencing the exhilaration and terror of three hurricanes during my voyages.

The language is Old Church Slavonic. From what I have seen so far, the document promises to provide a most interesting and rare insight into a dark period of Transylvania’s history — that being the region from which it appears to have originated.

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