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(from the Latin prae-, “before” and cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called presciencefuture visionfuture sight is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future.

No one has been able to conduct an experiment with enough ‘controls’ to convince the scientific community that this particular ‘thing’ actually exists.

In Dark inheritance, a psychologist explains to a detective:

    “What I’m talking about is the sixth sense we all have but most of us ignore…or have lost the ability to recognize. How many times have you heard someone say, after something bad happens, ‘I had a funny feeling about that’? But they ignore it because it’s not ‘logical’. I believe these killers will have this intuitive sense honed to a fine point. And most importantly, they’ll respond to it.”

Do I believe in a sixth sense? Yes. One hundred percent. I’ve experienced it as both a vague feeling of unease and once, as a very graphic dream.

What triggered this dream — this window into the future? I don’t quite know. But that window was opened, and it was absolutely amazing.

I’d crossed the Atlantic in a forty-foot sailboat which I’d purchased in the Dominican Republic some three months previous. I had the bill of sale for the boat but no actual ownership papers.

The bill of sale had been fine, all the way to Syracuse in Southern Italy.

The night before I set out for Malta—about a day’s sail south—I had my incredible dream.

Most dreams of mine go all over the place with maybe a theme, but little logic. This one was a precise narrative. Exactly as if I were watching a movie.

In the dream, I was taken to a room by a uniformed police officer with a large hooked nose and a bushy black mustache. Once inside, I was ushered to a seat facing a man in civilian clothes who proceeded to ask me questions as to how I’d come by the boat and record my answers with an old Underwood typewriter.

The typist had thinning dirty-blond hair and a thin mouth and did not look at me when he asked his questions.

None of this was the slightest bit vague—I could see every detail of that room, including where a piece of plaster, shaped like an inverted triangle, had crumbled away from a corner of the ceiling.

My dreams don’t normally come in such detail. And usually, upon awaking, all but the basic details tended to slip from my mind. But not this one. It was as if I’d actually been in that room.

Well, when I landed in Malta, my dream came true. The characters were the same as I’d dreamed. The typewriter was an old Underwood and the triangular piece of plaster was missing from the ceiling.

How is it possible to see into the future? It baffles my logical mind. All I know, without any doubt, is that it is possible.

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