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A serial killer is on the loose and a prominent doctor discovers she is not the person she grew up believing herself to be. These seemingly unrelated characters find themselves drawn together by an ancient lineage.

Detective Doug McKenna is baffled by a series of bizarre killings. All the victims have had their throats brutally slashed, yet there is little blood at any of the crime scenes.

Doctor Stephanie Salkind discovers a suitcase containing papers that show her to be adopted—along with some early childhood photographs that had apparently been deliberately concealed from her. The photographs begin to trigger painful early childhood memories.

Also in the suitcase is a hand-written journal in a strange, ancient language.

A linguistics professor painstakingly unravels the mystery of the old document, revealing each section as he translates it. He becomes obsessed with the old journal and comes to believe he is the re-incarnation of its writer—a fourteenth century mass-murderer. He also comes to the conclusion that Stephanie is part of an ancient lineage and as such is his soul-mate.

The story concludes at a wild party thrown by one of the early suspects in the killings where fate brings the principal characters together.

Dark Inheritance questions the concept of good and evil and looks at how an ancient predisposition for evil might be genetically passed from generation to generation. 

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